Physiological Section Best Student Presentations

Award Recipients:

Eli Echt-Wilson and Albert Zuo, La Cueva High School - Advisor, Jason DeWitte, for the paper “A Detailed Computational Model of Tree Growth” Co-authors: Sean Hammond, David Hanson and Jason DeWitte

Keri Caudle, Fort Hays State University - Advisor, Dr. Brian Maricle, for the poster “Pigment variation among ecotypes of big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) across a precipitation gradient” Co-authors: Christina Hilt, Cera Smart, Diedre Kramer, Sana Cheema, Loretta Johnson, Sara Baer and Brian Maricle

Kerri Mocko, University of Connecticut - Advisor, Dr. Cynthia Jones, for the paper “Physiological responses to drought reflect phylogenetic history in South African Pelargoniums (Geraniaceae)” Co-author: Cynthia Jones

Robert Berto Griffin-Nolan, Ithaca College - Advisor, Dr. Peter Melcher, for the poster “The physiological responses of moss to greenlight” Co-author: Peter Melcher

Marta Percolla, California State University, Bakersfield - Advisor, Dr. Brandon Pratt, for the poster “Reduced number of vessel connections is positively associated with greater cavitation resistance to water stress in chaparral shrubs” Co-authors: R. Pratt, Anna Jacobsen and Michael Tobin

Albina Khasanova, John Carroll University - Advisor, Dr. Rebecca Drenovsky, for the poster “Impacts of drought on nitrogen resorption of grasses in the Intermountain West” Co-authors: Megan Thornhill and Rebecca Drenovsky.

Jennifer JoCarole Cappa, Colorado State University, for the talk “Characterization of selenium uptake and metabolism in Stanleya (Brassicaceae)." Co-authors: Crystal Yetter, Sirine Fakra, Matthew Marcus, Mark Simmons and Elizabeth Pilon-Smits.

Albina Khasanova, John Carroll University, for the poster entitled, “Impacts of drought on mineral nutrition of grasses and forbs in the Intermountain West.” Co-authors: Jeremy James and Rebecca Drenovsky.

Mary Dobson, Texas State University-San Marcos, for the poster entitled, “Genetic patterns of tolerance to herbivory in a hybrid swarm of Louisiana Iris.” Her co-authors are Christianna Morely and William Smith.

Nicole Hughes of Wake Forest University, for her poster entitled, “Coordination of anthocyanin decline and photosynthetic maturation in juvenile leaves of three deciduous tree species.” Her co-authors are Christianna Morely and William Smith.

Uromi Manage Goodale, Yale University, for her talk “Use of Non-destructive landscape ecophysiology tools in Sri Lanka."

Mohammed Abdul, Texas A&M, for his talk “Impact of high nighttime temperature on rice growth, development, and physiology."

Sarah Kimball, University of California Irvine for her talk “Physiological Differences Maintain Species in a Natural Plant Hybrid Zone.." Her co-authors was Diane R. Campbell.

Ken Moriuchi, Florida State University for his talk “Genetic differences in patterns of growth, development, and plastic response to environmental quality in a perennial plant.."

Claudia Paredes López, Instituto de Ecología
For her talk “Is there predawn disequilibrium between plant and soil water potentials in the mangrove Laguncularia racemosa?" Her co-author was Jorge Lopez-Portillo.

Daniel Johnson , Wake Forest
For his talk “Chlorophyll florescence in cotyledons and primary needles of a high-altitude confier." His co-authors were Thomas Vogelman and William Smith.

Katherine McCullough, University of Utah
For her talk "Do plants comply with Murray's Law?" Her co-author was John S. Sperry.

Tissue Culture Prize - Katie A. Gustavsen, University of Delaware
For her paper entitled "Genetic transformation of Atriplex triangularis (seaside greens) using Agrobacterium tumefaciens and the p35 GUSint Ti plasmid."

1991 DNA Plant Technology, Inc. Prize - Xianggan Li
For the paper "Culture and salt tolerance of protoplasts from the halophyte Sporobolus virginicus."

1983 Best Student Paper - Mr. Randy D. Allen, Texas A & M
For his his paper entitled "Effects of metabolic inhibitors and growth regulators on storage protein mobilization in sunflower cotyledons."

1981 - Pete O. Council, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
For his paper entitled, "The control of growth in carrot cell suspension cultures."

1979 - David D. Biesboer, Indiana University
For his paper entitled "Production of sterols by callus cultures of Euphorbia tirucalli L."

1977 - S. G. Pallardy
For his papers entitled, "Early root and shoot growth of rooted tip cuttings of four Populus clones," and "Leaf resistance and leaf water potential of four Populus clones."

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