Physiological Section Li-COR Prize

Award Recipients:

2013 Li-COR prize, presentation - Samuel Del Rio, California State University - Bakersfield, for the paper “Hydraulic conductance is coordinated at the leaf and stem levels among chaparral shrubs” Co-authors: Christine Hluza, Evan D. MacKinnon, Jeffrey Parker and R. Pratt

2012 Li-COR prize, presentation - Matthew Ogburn, Brown University - Advisor, Dr. Erica Edwards, for the paper “Anatomy of leaf succulence in the clade Portulacineae + Molluginaceae: evolutionary jumps into novel phenotypic space” Co-author: Erica Edwards

2012 Li-COR prize, poster - Robert Berto Griffin-Nolan, Ithaca College - Advisor, Dr. Peter Melcher, for the paper “The role of green light in photosynthesis in Bryophytes and higher plants” Co-authors: Peter Melcher and Benjamin Rosen

2011 Li-COR prize, presentation - Alexander J. Eilts, University of Minnesota, for the talk “An early look at the transport of mineral resources inthe clonal forb Fragaria vesca L.."

2011 Li-COR prize, poster - Mitchell Hall, Frostburg State University, for the poster “The effectiveness of tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum) modified with a Hessian fly-responsive(Hfr) gene against phloem-feeding and chewing insects." Co-authors: Sunshine Brosi and David Puthoff.

2010 Li-COR prize - Mark E. De Guzman, California State University, Bakersfield, for the talk “Leaf and canopy level carbon assimilation rates of post-fire resprouting chaparral shrub species that display different life history types." Co-authors: M.F. Tobin, A. L. Jacobsen, H. P. O'Mara and R. B. Pratt.

2009 Li-COR prize - Nicholas E. Buckley, University of Tennessee, for the talk “Tradeoffs between growth and reproduction in the dioecious shrub Ilex glabra." Co-author: G. Avila-Sakar.

2008 Li-COR prize - Uromi Manage Goodale, Yale University, for her talk “Physiological acclimation of pioneer species to changing light environments." Her co-authors were Graeme P. Berlyn, Mark S. Ashton, and Kushan U. Tennakoon.

2007 Li-COR prize - Jason Kilgore, of Michigan State University, for his poster “Influence of cold tolerance on upper elevation range limits in isolated mountain islands Ponderosae" His co-author was Frank W. Telewski.

2006 Li-COR prize - Erika Sudderth, for her talk “Physiological performance of C3, C4, and intermediate Flaveria species in the Tehuaca?Ln Valley of Mexico." Her co-author was Noel M. Holbrook.

2005 Li-COR prize - Claudia Paredes López, Instituto de Ecología
For her talk “Is there predawn disequilibrium between plant and soil water potentials in the mangrove Laguncularia racemosa?" Her co-author was Jorge Lopez-Portillo.

2004 Li-COR prize
Daniel Johnson , Wake Forest
For his talk “Chlorophyll florescence in cotyledons and primary needles of a high-altitude confier." His co-authors were Thomas Vogelman and William Smith.

2003 Li-COR prize
Katherine McCullough, University of Utah
For her talk "Do plants comply with Murray's Law?" Her co-author was John S. Sperry.

2001 Li-COR prize - Tara Lin Greaver, University of Miami
For her paper "The effects of reflected light on the anatomy and photosynthesis of Ipomoea pes-caprae (L.) R. BR. (Convolvulaceae), a tropical sand dune vine."

2000 Li-COR prize - Suneetha Alokam, University of Calgary
For the talk co-authored with Chandanda Chinnappa and David Reid entitled, "Red/Far red light-mediated shade avoidance stem elongation response and anthocyanin accumulation in alpine and prairie ecotypes of Stellaria longipes."

1998 Li-COR prize - Stephen Witzig, Salisbury State University
For his talk entitled "A microbial symbiont used to alter the nutritional quality of plants."

Tissue Culture Prize - Katie A. Gustavsen, University of Delaware
For her paper entitled "Genetic transformation of Atriplex triangularis (seaside greens) using Agrobacterium tumefaciens and the p35 GUSint Ti plasmid."

1997 Li-COR prize - Jaren I. Madden, University of Connecticut, Storrs
For her talk with Cynthia S. Jones entitled "Characterization of somatic embryogenesis response of Pelagonium species to exogenous cytokinens."

1996 Li-COR prize - Edward M. Doran
For his paper with Rose Cattolico entitled "Photoregulation of chloroplast gene expression in Heterosigma carterae."

1994 Li-COR Prize - Michael R. Bynum, University of Wyoming, Laramie
For his paper entitled, "Rapid and reversible floral movements in artic gentians: Benefits for male and female fitness in an alpine environment."

1991 DNA Plant Technology, Inc. Prize - Xianggan Li
For the paper "Culture and salt tolerance of protoplasts from the halophyte Sporobolus virginicus."

1983 Best Student Paper - Mr. Randy D. Allen, Texas A & M
For his his paper entitled "Effects of metabolic inhibitors and growth regulators on storage protein mobilization in sunflower cotyledons."

1981 - Pete O. Council, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
For his paper entitled, "The control of growth in carrot cell suspension cultures."

1979 - David D. Biesboer, Indiana University
For his paper entitled "Production of sterols by callus cultures of Euphorbia tirucalli L."

1977 - S. G. Pallardy
For his papers entitled, "Early root and shoot growth of rooted tip cuttings of four Populus clones," and "Leaf resistance and leaf water potential of four Populus clones."

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