The Genetics Section Poster Award

The Genetics Section Student Award is given for the best student poster at the annual meetings. The Genetics Section normally distributes $200 in years when the award is given.

Award Recipients:

2014 - Morgan Roche, Bucknell University, for the poster “When dioecy doesnt pay: Population genetic comparisons across three breeding systems and five species in Australia Solanum” Co-authors: Ingrid Jordon-Thaden and Chris Martine

2013 - Meng Wu, Miami University, for the poster “The investigation on protein evolution of Y chromosome in Carica papaya” Co-author: Richard Moore

2012 - Chrissy McAllister, St. Louis University - Advisor, Dr. Allison Miller, for the paper “Environmental Determinants of Cytotype Diversity in Big Bluestem (Andropogon gerardii)” Co-authors: Paul Kron, Russell Blaine and Allison Miller

2007 - Richard Stokes , University of Cincinnati
For the poster “A novel approach to study gene flow between color forms of the tetraploid species Erythronium americanum” Co-author for the poster was Theresa Culley.

2006 - Nyssa Temmel, University of British Columbia
For the poster “Identifying the genes involved in gender differentiation in Populus trichocarpa.”

2005 - Jennifer Cruse-Sanders, Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden
For the poster “Gene flow, hybridization, and divergence between Hawaiian Dubautia species.” Co-author was Elizabeth Friar.

2004 - Deborah Johnson, Iowa State University
For the poster "Sugar transporter genefamily discovery in the fern Ceratopteris richardii." Co-authors were Michael A. Thomas and Jeffrey P. Hill.

2003 - Liu Xianan, University of Illinois
For the poster "Differential expression of genes regulated in response to abiotic-stressin sunflower." Co-authors were Ginger Swire-Clark and Vance Baird.

2001 - Hannah E. Thornton, Florida International University and Fairchild Tropical Garden
The title for her poster was "Genetic variation in fragmented populations of an endangered dune plant: implication for its conservation." Co-authors were Cynthia Lane and Javier Francisco-Ortega.

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