The Winfried and Renate Remy Award

The WINFRIED AND RENATE REMEY award was established at the 1996 meeting of the International Organization of Paleobotanists in Santa Barbara and instigated by the Paleobotanical Section of the Botanical Society of America to honor the life and work of Winfried and Renata Remy. Winfried Remy was an honorary member of the Paleobotanical Section and a Corresponding Member of the Botanical Society of America, and together with his wife Renata published a long list of internationally acclaimed scholarly contributions, including their reports on the Rhynie chert organisms. Since the designation of this award, paleobotanists from around the world have contributed to fund this prize.

Award Recipients:

2012 - Dr. Christian Pott, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Department of Palaeobotany
For the paper "Baikalphyllum lobatum and Rehezamites anisolobus: Two Seed Plants with "Cycadophyte" Foliage from the Early Cretaceous of Eastern Asia", International Journal of Plant Sciences, Vol. 172 No. 2
Co-authors: Stephen McLoughlin
Anders Lindsromt
Wu Shunqing
Else Marie Friis

2005 - Dr. William DiMichele, Smithsonian Institution
Robert W. Hook, University of Texas at Austin
W. John Nelson, Illinois State Geological Survey
Dan S. Chaney, Smithsonian Institution
For their paper: "An unusual Middle Pennsylvanian flora from the Blaine Formation (Pease River Group: Leonardian-Guadalupian Series) of King County, West Texas

1999 - Klaus-Peter Kelber, Institute of Minerology
Johanna van Konijnenberg-van Cittert of the Laboratory of Paleobotany and Palynology
For their paper entitled "Equisetites arenaceus from the Upper Triassic of Germany, with evidence for reproductive strategies"

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