Botanical Society of America Contact Information

Outlined below are the contact details for the Botanical Society of America's Business Office and the Meetings Manager. We suggest these be used as a first port of call for any enquiries regarding membership, meetings and/or the business related matters for the Society.

Other important contact information: BSA Executive Officers; BSA Sectional Officers; BSA Committees and; the search function for all current BSA members. If you are unable to find what you seek please email us at:

DRIVING DIRECTIONS from Lambert, St. Louis International Airport

Front row: Rob Brandt, Catrina Adams, Bill Dahl, Toby Lounsbury, Johanne Stogran, Rich Hund
Back row: Wanda Lovan, Birgit Spears, Heather Cacanindin, Beth Parada, Amy McPherson, Sophia Balcomb

Bill Dahl

Executive Director
Ph 928-963-0940
Learning the pace of plants

Wanda Lovan

Administrations Officer
Ph. 314-577-9566

Johanne Stogran

Conference Director
Conference & Meeting Office
125 Connemara Drive
Granville, OH 43023
Ph 740-927-8501

Heather Cacanindin

Membership & Subscriptions Director
Ph. 314-577-9554

Amy McPherson

Director of Publications,
Managing Editor
American Journal of Botany

Ph. 314-577-5112

Richard Hund

Production Editor
American Journal of Botany

Ph. 314-577-9557

Beth Parada

Managing Editor
Applications in Plant Sciences

Ph. 314-577-9486

Birgit Spears

Development Director
Ph. 314-577-9504

Dr. Catrina Adams

Acting Education Director
Ph. 314-577-9566

Rob Brandt

Information & Technology Director
Western Regional Office
801 East Montecito Street
Santa Barbara, California 93103
Ph. 805-699-6384

Tobias Lounsbury

Senior Web Developerr
Ph. 541-690-8069


Business Office: 4475 Castleman Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110-3201  |  Ph 314-577-9566  |  Fx 314-577-9515
Mail to: P.O. Box 299, St. Louis, MO 63166-0299

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