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Duties of the Advisory Council Chair

Duties Article V. Duties of Elected Officers: 7. Council Representative shall serve as liaison between the Executive Committee and the Sections, representing the interests of the Sections and maintaining current information on their officers and contact person.

Important DocumentsMission & Objectives, Guidelines for Professional Ethics, BSA Bylaws, Sectional Bylaws
Duties ofPresident, President Elect, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director, Avdisory Council Chair and BSA Execcutive Director


Under Article V. of the bylaws of the Botanical Society of America, the ????



In Conjunction with the Executive Director, prepare the call for YOUNG BOTANIST OF THE YEAR nominations as a component of the Fall Mailing, as a email to the membership, and a posting on the BSA website. (Deadline date for submission is March 1st.)


Attend Spring Executive Committee Meeting.

Activate an ad hoc committee to evaluate YOUNG BOTANISTS for acceptance, and for receipt of the Certificate of Recognition, or Certificate of Special Achievement. After selection of YOUNG BOTANISTS, write their primary nominator and send the certificate and letter of congratulations. You may also wish to write to the Dean of their school. Prepare article listing YOUNG BOTANISTS for the PSB for the summer issue. Report on YOUNG BOTANISTS at the Council Meeting in the PSB Summer issue and at the Council Meeting in August.

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