Botany for the Next Millennium:


Current Presidents of Participating Societies:

Writer and Researcher:

Christine MIot

Survey and Report Coordinator and Facilitator:

Susan E. Eichhorn


Thomas D. Sharkey, Linda E. Graham, Kenneth J. Sytsma, Wayne M. Becker, Judith G. Croxdale, Timothy F. Allen, Hugh H. Iltis, Robert R. Kowal, William A. Russin, Kandis Elliot, the University of Wisconsin Department of Botany, Robert M. Goodman, Lisbet Koerner, John Wilkes, Jack B. Fisher, David D. Ellis, Deneb Karentz

Business Manager and Office:

Botanical Society of America, 1735 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH 43210-1293, (614) 292-3519, FAX #614-292-3519. Reprints of "Botany for the Next Millennium": price per copy = $5.00, or $3.00 per copy for four or more copies. Email:


Elizabeth Lawson (Copy Editor)
Karl J. Niklas (Editor)

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