Botanical Society of America Online Image Collection

The BSA Slide Collection of botanical images is now available online at

Through the generosity of the BSA Teaching Section, BSA Education Committee and individual donors, the Botanical Society of America has made a collection of approximately 800 images available for instructional use. The copyright and any intellectual property rights for these images are retained by the individual donors who have permitted BSA to distribute these images subject to the licensing agreement at the bottom of the screen. The current images are also available as 35 mm color slides at cost through the BSA Business Office. By accessing these images, you are agreeing to our licensing agreement.

Topics: Currently, there are 14 collections of images: Plant Geography, Plant Morphology, Phloem Development, Xylem Development, Floral Ontogeny, Lichens, Economic Botany, Carnivorous Plants, Organography, Pollen, Paleobotany, Plant Defense Mechanisms, Plant Anatomy, and Cellular Communication Channels. If you have a topic that you would like to see included, please contact us. See below for access to the site and information for donors.

License Agreement: Use of the site is limited to free use in a nonprofit educational or private non-commercial context. Images remain the property of the copyright holder, who retains all rights implicit in copyright laws and other rights to the images not enumerated here for worldwide use. Images may be stored for personal or classroom use, provided that the image displays the unaltered text watermark. All rights to reproduce these images are retained by the Botanical Society of America and the copyright owner. By accessing these images, you are consenting to our licensing agreement.

Chief sponsor: Botanical Society of America using computer and network facilities provided by the Samuel Roberts Noble Electron Microscopy Laboratory of the University of Oklahoma. These images are all from the slide collection of the BSA Teaching Section.

Image donors include: Isabel Ahlgren, Vernon Ahmadjian, Arnold Bakken, Alan Battan, John Bevington, James Burkhalter, Iris Charvat, Ping-chin Cheng, Turner Collins, Larry Crockett, John Curtis, Darlene DeMason, Donald Despain, Phil Dixon, Katherine Esau, Mark Fay, John Green, John Hall, Dave Hicks, Ann Hirsch, Robert Kaul, David Keil, Nels Lersten, Randy Meyers, Paul Monson, Robert Montgomery, Walter Mozgala, Jack Nelson, Fred Norris, Knut Norstog, Steve Pallardy, Alan Rebertus, Douglas Reynolds, C. Rowell, Rolf Sattler, Clifford Schmidt, Marsh Sundberg, Jennifer Thorsch, Dave Webb, Michael Weil, Steve Weller. Image conversion from slides: Tom Jurik, Dave Webb and Scott Russell for converted the slides to useful web images. Site construction and maintenance: Scott Russell, BSA Webmaster.

Donations: Botanical images suitable for instructional use may be submitted in the form of 35 mm color or black-and-white slides or large-format digital images (ideally in the range of approximately 1600 X 1200 pixels) with minimal or no compression and preferably no watermark label on the image. The owner of the copyright must sign a licensing agreement with BSA for non-exclusive worldwide rights to distribute the image for use in a nonprofit educational or private non-commercial context. (BSA retains the right to charge an incidental, nominal fee for providing the images to the user. Contact the BSA for full details and form.)


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