Call for Applications
(Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrows Scientists)

Undergraduate Student Travel Award

Botany 2017, Fort Worth, TX

We are pleased to announce the PLANTS program funded by the National Science Foundation and Botanical Society of America to bring talented and diverse undergraduates to the BOTANY 2017 meeting on June 24-28, 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas.. 

BOTANY 2017 is the annual scientific conference for the American Bryological and Lichenological Society, American Fern Society, American Society of Plant Taxonomists, International Association for Plant Taxonomy, Society for Herbarium Curators, and Botanical Society of America

The PLANTS program (Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrow’s Scientists: Increasing the diversity of plant scientists) continues the tradition of the Botanical Society of America to encourage the participation of undergraduates from underrepresented groups at the annual meetings of the BSA and affiliated organizations.  The PLANTS program (funded by the National Science Foundation and BSA) will pay the expenses of up to 12 undergraduates annually to participate in the meetings and to receive mentoring from both peer (advanced undergraduate and graduate students) and senior mentors (postdocs, faculty, and other professionals) in the plant sciences.  Students must be able to attend the entire Botanical Society of America meetings in Fort Worth, Texas from June 24-28, 2017.

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We can only accept applications from students in the US and Puerto Rico (we are unable to accept applicatiions from international students)

Applications will be accepted only from currently registered undergraduates or very recent graduates from US institutions (no later than winter or spring semesters before the meeting) and traveling to the meeting from within the US.
Are you currently registered as an undergraduate at a US institution?
      YES       NO

Month and year of graduation (or anticipated graduation)

Name of undergraduate institution granting your degree

Are you currently enrolled in a graduate program or have you already applied to a graduate program?
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If yes, please explain

Do you consider yourself a member of a group that is underrepresented in science (e.g., low income, first generation in your family attending college, with a disability, etc.)?
      YES       NO
If you answer yes, please give details.

Did any of your parent(s)/ legal guardian(s) complete a bachelor's degree (typically a four-year degree)?
      YES       NO

Do you consider yourself low income?
      Yes       No       Do not wish to provide

If yes, please list all forms of financial aid that you rceived to attend college. (family support, jobs (please list them), Pell grants, federal work-study grants, etc.)

What is your ethnicity/race? Select all that apply.
      Black / African American       Hispanic / Latino/a       American Indian / Alaskan Native
      Native Hawaiian / Native US PacificIslander       Asian American       Caucasian       Do not wish to provide

If American Indian/Alaskan Native, please indicate your tribal affiliation.

Have you participated in any of the following types of programs funded by federal agencies (e.g. NSF, NIH) or state funded programs, including or similar to those listed below? If so, please elaborate on that experience in your essay.
      Bridges to Baccalaureate Program       Educational Opporunity Program      Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
      LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate       Minority Access to Research Careers       Minority Biomedical Research Support Program     
      Minorities Opportunities in Research

     Ronald E. McNair Post-bacc Achievement Program     State funded program

If you have presented a paper or poster at any scientific meetings, please list below the following for each presentation: title of the presentation, all authors, meetings (society, location, month and year of presentation, and if the presentation was a poster or talk, and whether you were the primary presenter) (500 word limit). We welcome applications from students for whom the BOTANY meetings will be their first meeting as well as students who have attended other meetings.

If you have attended scientific meetings (other than those listed above) or plan to attend scientific meetings in 2017, please list organization, location, month and year.

Do you have other potential sources of funding that are available to you to attend the BOTANY 2017 meeting (from institution, advisor, other BSA award, etc.? This includes other awards you might be applying for.
      YES       NO
If yes, please indicate the following: name of source (institution, advisor, society, etc.), amount of award, and status of the funding (funding confirmed, applying, etc.)

What is your GPA (on a 4.0 scale) at the institution granting your undergraduate degree?  Give GPA and institution.

Statement of academic interests and career goals.  Please write an essay discussing the following: a) your academic interests and career goals including your interest in pursuing post-graduate education abd/or a career in the plant sciences, b) research experience (if any), c) what you learned from attending previous scientific meetings (if any), d) how attending the BOTANY 2017 conference will help you meet your career goals, e) your plans after graduation, and f) how you would contribute to the diversity of the group of students attending the BOTANY 2017 meetings (500 word limit)?

Deadline for submission of proposals is: MARCH 1, 2017

Please send a copy of your Transcript via email and if you can rename the file, please rename it LastNameFirstInitial-T (unofficial transcript is acceptable)
An example of an acceptable file name is: CacanindinH-T – Email to Heather Cacanindin at

Letter of support- Your letter of support should come directly from a person (usually a faculty member) who knows you well and letter should address your academic accomplishments and career goals as well as your contribution to the diversity of our student group at the BOTANY 2017 conference. Please indicate the following for the person writing your letter of reference.  Letter of support should be emailed from your letter-writer to Heather Cacanindin: Your letter of support should have a filename of YourLastNameFirstInitial-L as in CacanindinH-L

Please do not list a letter-writer unless you have already contacted that person, and he/she has agreed to write a letter of reference for you for this program  

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If you do not receive a confirmation email back within 72 hours please, contact us at Thank you.

This application will be sent electronically by pressing the "Submit Application" button. Do not forget to send the two documents (transcripts and letter of support) via email to complete your application.

For additional information or questions, contact:


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